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Affordable & exciting racing with strict rules to ensure driver safety

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Legend Car Events

Drive a Legend Car and feel the ADRENALIN RUSH!! It’s a great day out and the whole family will love the EXCITEMENT of Legend Car races!


Repairs & Maintenance

Legend Cars Australia stock a full range of spare parts being a one-stop shop for all your Legend Car requirements. We are also happy to order any specialty items on request.


Hire, Lease or Buy

Legend Cars provide the power and the adrenalin of a true racing car and are considerably cheaper to race and maintain than any other racing car.

Legend Cars are a "spec" class of racing for EVERYONE!

5/8-scale replicas of 1930s and 1930s automobiles.

About Legend Cars Australia

Legend Car racing is rapidly growing in Australia. This means competition is going to be first rate! There is growing interest from tracks across Australia wanting to host the Legend Car class. Have you seen them race? Want to try driving a Legend Car? Think you might like to own a Legend Car? Drop in for a chat with us at one of our Events, or contact us. We’re a friendly, helpful bunch of people and there will always be someone to answer your questions and provide the information you need to get you behind the wheel of one of these exciting Legend Cars.

Family Friendly

Legend Car racing is so much fun to watch. Why not come along to a Legend Car Event? Participate in a Legend Car race, or come along as a spectator and bring the family … it is sure to be a great day out! Check our Events page for upcoming events, or “Like Us” on Facebook to be kept up-to-date on what’s happening.

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Connect with drivers, fans, organisers, sponsors, spectators and anyone interested in following this exciting new motor sport!

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