How much does a Legend Car cost?

Answer: The cost of a Legend Car varies depending on the body type, engine size, condition and age of the car. Second hand cars can start as low as $12,000, with new cars starting at $20,000.

Hire, Lease, Buy

Hire or Lease packages start from $700 per meeting. Legend Cars Australia will transport your Lease Car to and from the track on the nominated meeting date.  All you do is turn up with your helmet and gear. See a list of cars available for Hire, Lease or Own.

Where do Legend Cars race?

Answer:  This season Legend Cars will be at Valvoline Raceway, Act Speedway, Bega, Gunnedah, Nowra, Leeton, Lismore, Cullen Bullen, Goulburn, Gilgandra and Tamworth with Demonstrations Races, yet to be confirmed tracks further afield. Check out our Facebook page and our Events page.

Who builds Legend Cars?

Answer: Legend Cars are built in the USA by US Legend Cars International (USLCI) . All cars are built to the same specifications and standards and scrutineering of the cars is very strict.

What is the difference between Legend class and other race classes?

Answer: Legend Cars are based on American Hotrods from the 1930’s and are all built to the same specifications. Other classes are just basically put together to go fast.

Where can I buy a Legend Car?

Answer: Contact us or see our Hire, Lease, Own page for Legend Cars available now.

What ages can race Legend Cars?

Answer: Anyone over the age of 16 can drive a Legend Car. We have introduced the Development Series at most tracks so new drivers have the opportunity to learn Legend Car handling and hone their skills, with the input from the more seasoned drivers, without the pressure of full on, super competitive racing. This also allows the better half or the kids to have a run in your car at the same meetings, making it a true family day out at the track.

How fast do Legend Car go?

Answer: Depending on the track, Legend Cars average about 95 kph on dirt track and up to 240 kph on asphalt tracks. They are capable of greater speeds but you have to drive to the conditions.

Are they safe?

Answer: Legend Cars are very safe but they are still racing cars. You have a low centre of gravity, so roll over is rare unless you ride up on another cars wheels. If this happens, you have an extremely strong roll cage around you, safety seats, harnesses and of course, all the appropriate clothing, gloves and helmets. However, accidents can ALWAYS happen. We do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the driver at all times.

Are Legend Cars expensive to maintain?

Answer: Compared to other motorsports, maintenance on Legend Cars comes in at about a quarter of the cost of the cheapest class out there, so they are very affordable. See our Service and Repairs page for more information.

Where can I get parts?

Answer: Legend Cars Australia can supply all your parts requirements as well as service, panels and engine rebuilds. See our Spare Parts page for more details.

Can I test drive a Legend Car?

Answer: There is no allowance for Test Drives as these cars can only be driven on a track which needs to be booked and prepared in advance. We will be organising days where you can come and try a car in the future. These will be advertised on our Events page and on our Facebook page. So again, keep an eye on us!!

Where can I find the race rules?

Answer: Race Rules are available from  Legend Cars Australia, so just give us a call or drop us an email.

Where can I find more information about Legend Cars?

Answer: The Legend Car class is growing at a rapid rate, so new information is available all the time.  Legend Cars Australia will keep all it’s members up to date and will happily provide any information you, as an interested party, may require, so please contact us.