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About Legend Cars

Legend Cars Australia

Legend Cars are a style of race car which have been designed to promote affordable and exciting racing. Legend Car bodys are 5/8-scale replicas of American 1930s and 1940s automobiles and are powered by a Yamaha motorcycle engine.

INEX was formed in 1995 to promote, organise and sanction Legend Cars at over 200 different racetracks around the world. INEX is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety and affordability.

Legend Car Rule Book

Legend Car racing is family-oriented with the goal of providing people with a fun, exciting and inexpensive form of racing and a level playing field.

The Legend Car “spec” series requires all cars adhere to a strict set of rules, governing all aspects of the car. These rules are aimed at ensuring driver safety and driver conduct, allowing new drivers to participate in a safe, controlled environment.

Code of Conduct

Legend Cars Australia has developed a Code of Conduct to ensure driver safety and to encourage good sportsmanship.

Legend Car Sponsors

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